19 brilliant ways to simplify your business and life

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simplify your business and increase your productivity

Here are the great ways to simplify your business and they will save you a ton of money over time. Follow this to increase your productivity.

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I think all of you fabulously started this year. But, most of you, are experiencing horrible things and a decline in your business in this pandemic situation. This year, the bad thing is that our country is affected by this dangerous disease. Because of this, there are many ups and downs in many businesses. Some have profit and some others are suffering from loss. There should be some guidance to balance your business and life. Here I am going to discuss 19 brilliant ways to simplify your business and life this year. Without wasting time and let’s dive into the topic.

Ways To Simplify Your Business and Increase Your Productivity

#1. Set up your goals

Write the to-do list, including all the tasks you want to achieve, and start with one. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the things that you want to do in your life. So, prioritize your list. Select one main goal in your life, break down that task into actionable steps, set up a deadline to that task, and analyze that task daily. Once you achieve the goal, you will be inspired to take another goal in your list and so on.

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#2. Put a full stop to your notifications

The smartphone is one of the distractions and even if you want to work because of these notifications you may distract. These notifications may be email, text, or any other. Most of that is unnecessary and you don’t even read. Your life is already filled with all the work. Better try to unsubscribe the mails which you no longer want to receive. And also try to limit your phone calls, messages, emails. 

#3. Allocate time for emails

To check the mail whenever you receive it, it takes more time. You need full attention while reading the emails. So keep specific timings in the day to read and respond to your email. It may be 15 -20 minutes in the morning and evening or your wish to set timings. After completing the email task, do not forget to turn off the notification.

#4. Leave your phone at work

When you are at work, leave your phone aside. Otherwise, you scroll the same feed several times. This leads to the delay of work. Once you try to leave your phone you might be uncomfortable for not being connected, but later you will realize how much free time you have in a day.

#5. Never prefer Multi-tasking

 In research, it was proven that through multitasking you gain very little productivity. So always focus on a single task at a time and you will get more work done. Focusing on more than one task will lead to chaos and don’t get the work done in time. 

#6. Prepare your daily list

If you have many tasks to accomplish. Tasks may be professional or personal. Create a to-do list every day. Take time in the morning to prepare it. I prefer to do it in the night before I go to bed. Choose the most important task that has to accomplish and create the list with other tasks. Simply prioritize the tasks. This makes you focused on the work.

#7. Create a Routine

Preparing a to-do list is different from creating a routine. To-do list is the tasks you have to accomplish on that day. Routine is that which is common in an everyday plan. Like that you have to create your routine.

#8. Maintain Notepad near-bed

It’s good to have a notepad near the bed so that you can write all the thoughts which run in your mind. So many miracles happen in the world with dreams. The live example is Disney world. So write all the thoughts in the notepad which makes you free of those thoughts.

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#9. Prefer Audio

You don’t have time to read the mails or books that you want. So prefer audiobooks that can be listened, during your walk, during your commute, and any time you wish. So I always prefer audiobooks rather than reading books. This saves a lot of time. You can use Read Aloud feature in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in your browser. That will read your email or webs page for you.

#10 Maintain Breaks

The break is necessary to work your brain efficiently and creatively. So set the timer to 20-25 minutes. Focus on the work until the timer rings and then 5-10 minutes break. This improves your focus on the work. This is a famous Pomodoro technique and there are apps to calculate your work and break timings.

#11. Group Related Tasks

By grouping the same type of tasks it saves your time. Thinking how? Let me explain. For example, you and your team are brainstorming about the task. But when you switch between different types of tasks, it takes time to regain your focus on that topic. Of course, you will get a solution to the problem but it takes a lot of time. So limit how often you need to change the topic or tasks.

simplify your business to increase your profit

#12.  Talk with yourself

When you talk with yourself you will know what mistakes you have made till now. Also, you know what should be done in the upcoming days. So always make time to talk with yourself. This is a must in your daily routine. 

#13. Efficient Mails

When you are writing the emails make sure that it is understandable by others. Don’t write too much content in the email. It may look clumsy and it creates a bad impression. Highlight the main content in the email. If there is so much to communicate, it’s better to have a call with them.

#14.  Don’t be Negative

Many things happen to us which turn the day good and some things turn the day to bad. Things that happen to us have an impact on your life. Being negative can decrease your productivity in business and also makes your brain chaotic. So, being positive and finding ways to move over bad situations is hard but it is an important way to simplify your life.

#15. Set Reminders

To save your time, set auto-reminders for your meetings. There are numerous software’s in the market to remind your appointments like Google Calendar and many more. But I suggest you use “Picktime” because you can sync your favorite calendars into this and it will manage in such a way that there is no collision in your meetings and even you can prioritize the meetings. 

#16. Stay organized

Maintain all the things in an organized way. When you use something put it back in the same place. Have a place for everything. 

#17. Automate the Things

This saves a lot of time. In this digital world, you can automate most of the tasks. You can automate your payment of bills. Whenever you get a notification it automatically pays. Similarly, you can even automate the tasks in your business.

#18. Never keep many tabs

When you work with your desktop or laptop, never keep many tabs open. This will distract your focus and productivity. Only keep the tabs that are necessary for your particular tasks. Otherwise, open a new window and work on that.

#19. Don’t Overthink

Never think too much about the things that are small or unnecessary. Of course, you may not have control over that but try. By doing this, it consumes more time for non-related things for you and your business. So, It’s better to avoid overthinking.

These are the great ways to simplify your business and they will save you a ton of money over time.

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