How to stay positive and productive as a freelancer?

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Stay Positive and Productive

Here are a few ways to stay positive and productive. You could find something great to come out with good results as a freelancer.

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As a freelancer, it’s easy to get demotivated and stressed. This will directly impact your work quality and delays in work delivery.

This article will give you some tips to stay positive and productive. One of the millions of people who are currently working from home, attending University, has no motivation to get the things to get done. Then this article is for you. Trust me over the past few weeks it may seem like being productive is the last thing on your mind. Scrolling to TikTok videos, watching Netflix, and catching up with friends on a video call is fun.
But if we take a step back and think about what this lockdown means? You could find something great to come out of it.

Think about all those things, that have been on your To-Do List for the long term. You never got around to it. Cleaning out your closet, learning a new instrument, brushing up on some old hobbies, etc. We are not blessed with an infinite amount of time where only real obligations are doing chores around the house. Rather than wasting this opportunity, might as well find the good in this and make something out of it.

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Here are a few ways to stay positive and productive.

>> Have a Routine <<

Having a routine is probably something you’ve read in every single productivity article. However, there is a reason behind it. It allows you to log your time to specific tasks that you need to get done and make sure that you check off tasks on your To-Do List. Rather than just sitting in bed all day and watching Netflix.

You can also use some to-do list app.

Personally, in a time like this, I’m not someone who has a strict schedule. I wake up at a specific time, eat lunch, and do the same thing every single day at the same time. However, I do like to split up my days into three parts that are going to be work, hobbies, and play.

This allows me more flexibility within my date to set up my routine. I’m able to hit at least those three categories every single day. If your classes are going to have a little bit more scheduled in your day. My biggest focus is going to be, work, and meeting. I’ll be focusing on my blog articles, writing emails, brushing up blog post ideas, and coming up with new concepts. Honestly, that takes something the majority of my time.

The second part is going to be hobbies like I mentioned it’s very important to utilize this time to either pick up a new hobby or brush up on an old one. For me, it’s going to be brushing up on my music skills.

The third part is I still think it’s important for you to relax. Take time out of your day, watch Netflix, play games, and go shopping. Just be unproductive, be lazy, I think that’s OK.

Don’t think that this quarantine is meant for people to stay productive 24 hours a day. I think the biggest silver lining throughout this whole thing is now we have an unlimited focus on ourselves, focus on the things that matter, reset your priorities and your goals.

When we do get out of this lockdown, you will be able to hit the ground running. You have all this energy pent up and even laying down the infrastructure for you to go ahead and take the charge when this is all over.

>> All honesty <<

I’m not the type of person who has long attention spans mean I like to have an age to-do list of things. I know I need to get done. Personally, for me, I like to break this up in weeks rather than days. I’m sure as many guys know the days tend to just crossover and you kind of lose track of what day it is.
The weekly to-do list of actionable items, I can get checked off. Every time I complete one, I feel like I’m making progress rather than just looking at a list on my phone.

I also like to organize in terms of priority meaning that the most important things are going to have to get done first. Because that’s going to help you alleviate the stress of knowing that you have a huge project do or you have an essay to write. Having the checklist on my desk but it just allows me to make sure that I get the work done.

Whenever I finish one task, I can easily move on to the next without wasting time trying to figure out what I need to do.

>> Workspace <<

The second thing that’s going to help you maximize your productivity is to create your favorite workspace. You want to have a specific environment so that you can focus on one thing at a time. For me, I have my room for work and that’s my creative workspace. I have a little bit of a library set up so that I’m able to prioritize the things that matter in that one workspace. Having an environment like this allows you to declare your mind from all your distraction so that you have only one priority to focus on.

How to stay positive and productive as a freelancer?

Having everything I need in this one environment allows me to focus in on the specific task is going to minimize distractions and make sure that you being there productive with your time.

Finally, guys remember a clean space equals a clean mind. This means making sure that there’s no trash laying around, and making sure that your desk is organized. So that you have a clean functioning slate where you can get work done. It’s really important for me because I like to make sure that everything is tidy, I have all my hard drive plugged in, I have everything charged and ready to go. I don’t have to get up and go look for a charger finally because that going to distract my work.

>> Hang up with friends <<

After a long day of productive hard work, make sure to take some time to check up on your friends give them a FaceTime call or Whatsapp call. Hopping and assuming at the end of the day this lockdown is something that none of us were prepared for it. The face of the fact that who knows how long this is going to be and end. Make sure you keep in contact with the people you’re close to, make sure to check up on them, see how they’re doing because at the end of the day we’re all together.

>> Physical Exercise <<

Make sure you’re still getting your physical exercise and whether that’s going for a jog or doing some push-ups in your room whatever you can do to stay active and fit.

It will help with your productivity but also help with your mood relief from stress.

However, despite everything I said in this article at the end of the day it is okay to be unproductive and lazy. Don’t think you have to come out of this quarantine having accomplished many different things. When in reality this could just be a blessing in disguise for you to just reconnect with yourself and make sure that you’re in the right state of mind for when we do get off lockdown. So you’re able to execute on all that energy you’ve got picked up.

These are the productivity tips for freelancer and even other people can follow which I developed to help organize my day but a lot of you guys have your routine so let me know that below. As always guys, don’t stress yourself. Hope you guys understood how to stay positive and productive.

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