8 proven ways to make money online by working from home

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proven ways to make money online

I’m going to provide you a specific example on how to make money with these strategies. You can learn about how to apply these strategies to your own life to generate side hustle income or full-time income by working from home.

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In today’s article, we will see 8 different ways to make money by working from home. Now, it’s estimated that 15% of Americans right now are unemployed and that number is rising in drastically n every single day. Everyday people just like you and me are hitting financially.

In this article, I’m going to show you 8 proven ways to make money online by working from home. These methods are 100% legit and tried by many people around the globe. But if you don’t do the work nothing will work for you. If you’re not leaving your comfort zone, any of these strategies or methods will not work for you.

There is no magic, to make money online or offline being in your comfort zone. It takes real work to make an income. But the best part of the online income is you can do work once and the income will be generated for months and sometimes, for years.

Unlike other sites that give you a generic example, I’m going to provide you a specific example on how to make money with these strategies. You can learn about how to apply these strategies to your own life to generate side hustle income or full-time income by working from home.

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8 different ways to make money


Etsy is something that many of us may or may not have heard about it. It’s essentially a way for artists and other people to create arts, crafts, graphic design, and other goods that they sell them on this marketplace. There’s so much room to create a large business on Etsy because there are fewer sellers when compared to the buyers.

You sell pretty much anything on Etsy. You want to sell things that make people polarized. You have to select your laser targeted niche. If you’re an artist, you sell customized t-shirts, cell phone cases, mugs, and many. But all of us are not skilled artists.

When I say Donald Trump name, you love him or hate him, you probably had an immediate reaction. That’s a good thing. You can sell trump related designed goods like t-shirts, mugs, and cell phone cases. I know some online friends who made good money out of it. Not all of that is good nor bad. Here is an example,

Etsy Tshirt Sales

Look at the reviews with an average rating of somewhere between 1% to 3%, almost guaranteed anywhere from 100 to 300 times sales.

7. An Online Tutor

Online Tutor Job
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Become an online tutor, and teach students online. The truth is most of the schools and colleges are closed right now. More people are turning to the internet to learn new things and their subjects from experts rather than from old books. Use your knowledge to make money online as a side hustle or full-time job.

You can teach Math, Science, History, computer coding language, Musical instrument, Video games, and anything. I have seen people hire physical trainers to get training through zoom train, literally one on one via video call.

The Internet is an unimaginable complex network. Some people are willing to pay to teach them what you are good at. All you need to do is find your customers. You may find them in your skill-related Facebook groups, forums, YouTube, Udemy, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. All you do is think where your customers aggregate and then go to those places to find them and then teach them what you already know.

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6. Affiliate Marketing

Everyone always asks me what is exactly affiliate marketing. For example, let’s say Santha doesn’t have a product but likes to make money. But Devi does have a product. Now Santha tells her friend Steve to buy Devi’s product through her affiliate link. So, if Steve buys Devi’s product through Santha’s unique affiliate link then Santha will receive a commission for that sale.

There are so many ways to do affiliate marketing. There is Clickbank, JVzoo, MaxBounty, and Digistore. Doing an affiliate marketing for software and services of a big brand like Bluehost, SEMrush, ShopInspect. You can teach people about how to blogging, digital marketing, eCommerce marketing and you can mention that software’s as your resources with your affiliate links. This also works in Facebook groups, messenger, YouTube, and all types of content generation platforms.

Online Freelancer

There are many freelancing sites out there. Many of which you may or may not heard up like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. All these different sites where you can offer what your particular skill set is and people will hire you to do that service for them or their businesses. Examples, simple typing jobs, creating a logo, making YouTube thumbnail, creating a podcast intro, fixing a WordPress bug, data entry works, financial planning, and more.

Amazon FBA

Approximately, 100,000 people were recently hired by Amazon during all of this crazy crisis hit. The truth is a lot of other companies were struggling are going bankrupt. Amazon, again exploding, flourishing, and growing rapidly. Because what happened is, this situation forcing people to actually go and buy products online and even they never had before.

So, Amazon not only exploded and hired 100,000 people but also had their customers. Amazon gets all the eCommerce 50% sales from a dollar to dollar perspective.

How exactly do Amazon FBA works?

This is the same business model even in Walmart and 1000’s of other eCommerce business use. You buy products for less and sell those products individually to Amazon for more dollars. It’s the same model of wholesale business. It’s the same model Walmart and many other businesses used. It’s just infinitely more effective, profitable, and scalable. scalable thing. You can do the entire thing online without ever touching or seeing the product you sell.

YouTube Channel

You can create your own YouTube channel. Before you say, but I’m so bad on camera and I could never sit in front of the camera and do that. The matter is you don’t have to be great to start. You can make any YouTube channel about anything you won’t like about popping pimples, fishing, video games, cooking, sewing about all of the topics possibly imagine.

Because billions of people in the world and many of them watch videos on YouTube. Other people are waiting to watch your videos on the same niche.

Once you having followers or subscribers, you can make money in many different ways. You can make money through AdSense(ads that are shown in your videos), affiliate products, selling your products and services. Once you have a good number of subscribers and you value them, you can suggest suitable products to them. You’re going to get love in return and make money.

8 proven ways to make money online by working from home 1

Online Courses

Consulting days are gone. Consulting is a great way to get started and make money, providing a service for another person or a business. But doing one on one work has a very real limitation. Because each additional customer that you take on takes up more of your time and you have to hire more employees and people know business less than you. They probably don’t care as much about your business as you.

It brings a lot of stress and that’s one of the anxieties coming into owning a large business.

Online courses allow you to get pass that and building massive business literally with a couple working in. Even one person creating and managing one business. You can follow one master template and uniform videos then sell online membership to even millions of times. There are no inventory forecasting things like e-commerce have.

You can sell online courses an infinite number of times and it never actually going to be sold out. You can teach 10s of thousands of people with your knowledge and help all those people find success and get paid very handsomely.

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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a very wide topic but if you get good at a high-income skill you will never struggle again for the rest of your life. What is a high-income skill? High-income skill is something that you are really good at that makes another person or another business to make more money than it cost them to buy.

So what I mean by that is if a business is paying you $1000 to fund their digital marketing or to run their Facebook ads, and Google ads. If they are paying you $1000 a month and as that you’re creating are making them $2000 a month. If you’re creating more value than you cost then you never have to get worried about your career financially.

Honestly, the best way to do that is either good at Facebook or Google ad and focus on one niche. My suggestion is to target the real estate business as a beginner. You can set up a basic ad that takes only 5mins to do it. You might have a question, why can’t they do it themselves? Because those businesses concentrate on real estate and not digital marketing.

Once you’re good at Facebook and Google ads real estate industry then you can target dentists, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, and other businesses. Then you will never struggle again in your life financially. Again remember, if you didn’t change, nothing will change for you.

These are the eight proven ways to make money online. Do work, you have to do the work to get the benefits of it.

I hope you guys liked the article and kindly do share the article with your friends and family. If you have any questions about work from home jobs, comment it below.

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