How to get paid to read, $1000 per day?

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get paid to read

There are lot of ways to make money online. Today, we will discuss how you can get paid to read and use your voice to make money.

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If you can read, you can take part in this job. You are going to be getting paid to read books.

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There are a lot of ways to make money online. Today, we will discuss how you can get paid to read and use your voice to make money.

Use your voice to make money. We will go into detail on how to do it? How to get the money? You should become a voice-over artist and I’ll show you the website so you can do it yourself.

So, essentially there are lots of authors constantly creating books. They can expand upon it the audience they reach when they have an audiobook.
Hundreds and thousands of books being published every single year and even every single week. These people want to have a voice-over artist and bring their book to life. I know a lot of you guys have podcasts or you listen to books on your drive to work. So, essentially that voice you’re hearing that can be your voice. I’m going to share with you the website right now.

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Get Paid To Read Books

You have to go to the website This website sells audiobooks and has been sold through huge online retailers like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Scroll down the webpage and you will find “Are you an actor or producer?”. Click on that. You will be directed to the “Producer” page. Find the yellow button with the text “Find a Book for Your Voice” and click on it.

2081 books make money to read

You are going to be using your voice to make money. Here you will see all the books that need a voice. Maybe your voice why not your voice? You can see there are 2081 books right now by the time that I’m writing this article. There are thousands of options.

What are the chances of you getting at one or two or three? These are being added to every single day. You can search by genre, gender, or compensation. You can also filter by your vocal style.

Dark Radiance

Once you find your ideal book, I’m just going to choose this book “Dark Radiance”. You have to pass the audition to start the job.

Let’s take a look at the project details. They have shown 8.5hrs as estimated length of this book when you convert this book to audio format. That’s literally when you give voice to this book. But as per my assumption, your working hours will almost 15-20hours to complete the audio for this book. As you will make mistakes, editing and re-recording will take some extra time.

The project budget is $200-$400 per finished hour. You will get paid $200-$400 per finished hour of the audio. Let’s do simple math for this project,

$200*8.5 = $1700

In case, you have taken 20hrs to complete the project,

$1700/20 = $85 per hour approximately.

You will make easily $1000 per day by reading these textbooks. Some books will give you a royalty share which means you will get a profit share whenever the book is sold. That’s a lifelong payment.

make money to read audition

You’re going to download that audition script. Essentially, you’re just going to read it and send it over to them. They were going to choose, a few people who apply so it maybe you. They’re just going to pick their favorite.

So, you want to be auditioning often. It’s just like any other audition if you ever did or anything like that you’re going to audition and whoever makes the companies the cut alright.

Equipment to do the job:

Another thing I wanted to mention is the equipment and this is something you want to do professionally. You need to consider getting is a soundproof studio. If you’re going to be a voice-over artist you cannot have the echo. You also want to have a very professional microphone. You will get some professional microphone somewhere around $150. There are tonnes of microphones on Amazon.

How to get paid to read

Those are the things you want to be investing is a microphone and soundproofing in your area. Also, make sure that you don’t have echoes, noises, and you shouldn’t hear your dog barking in the background. But this is something you want to do professionally.

You can also find custom voice overs jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, and There is a lot of options for you in the voice-over area. if you know how to read, and you know how to speak can you speak well you can make money online using your voice? I think you can see many options.
Hopefully, this website at least gives you an option to get started. Fiverr is another option for you.

Hope you understand about getting paid to read job options.

Did you find this article useful? Do you have any suggestions to voice over artists? Please do comment and share your thoughts.

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