Best search engine evaluator job sites to make money from home

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search engine evaluator job sites

In this article, we will discuss how to make money as a search engine evaluator and the best search engine evaluator job sites.

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Most of us use Google to search for any queries and find the answers to them. Even some of us might be searched for online jobs and few of us might succeed and others might get into a scam trap. But do you know that you can make money for searching on Google? Yes, you heard it right. You can make even $15/hour as a search engine evaluator. 

In this article, we will discuss how to make money as a search engine evaluator and the best search engine evaluator job sites.

Let’s find out what is the search engine evaluator job is and how can we make money with it.

A Search Engine Evaluator will help the Search Engines to improve its artificial intelligence algorithms. With this, search engines can show accurate results to each query searched on it. Now, humans will cross check the quality, relevancy, and value of the search results.

How Can You Make Money Online as a Search Engine Evaluator?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to do real work. You have to go through the test process to get selected for the job. This will not be hard but it’s a little time taking process. If you pass the qualification test, then projects will be provided to you. This is not a full-time or part-time job and you will be working as an individual contractor. 

Once you get the job, your project will have what to search? how to search? and what to look at it? You will find some irrelevant search results and sometime you will find everything perfect. But that’s not a problem you will get paid for that too. 

Once you complete the job, most of the companies are paying through PayPal, cheque, and bank transfer.

Let us see an example of how it works,

When you search for “Hilton hotels”, and the search engine has to pull only hotels search results. But if you are seeing like “Star Paris Hilton” then you have to report that as an irrelevant search result as it not a hotel. This is what a Search Engine Evaluator will do when the key phrase is provided to him. This is a simple job to make money online from home.


Home Job: You can work from home and make money online which is amazing. You will do a simple daily job as everyone does in their day to day life but you will make money out of it. 

Flexibility: As an individual contractor, you can choose your own schedules and never depend on other schedules.

Learn New Things: As like any other job, things will be a little hard at the initial stage and you will gain the pace gradually. Lately, you will learn about the search algorithms, you will know why the site is ranking at top of the search results. You can apply the same to your online business in the future to rank higher and attract more customers. 

Best Search Engine Evaluator Job Sites


Tax: You are liable to your own tax and company will not interfere in it as you are an individual contractor

No Benefits: You will not get any benefits like health insurance, provident funds, or any other regular employee benefits.

Monthly payments: Most of the online jobs started paying weekly, but search engine evaluators are paid monthly. If you have any problem with then there is no issue.

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Best search engine evaluator job sites

Let’s get into the search engine evaluator job sites to make money from home.

  1. Lionbridge: Lionbridge has different kinds of job opportunities and their main focus is on Business Process Crowdsourcing. Search Engine Evaluator job is not available in all countries but still, you can check their site to get a recent update. Sometimes they call this job position as “Internet Accessor” and its better to look for in their sites as well in the Glassdoor. According to Glassdoor, this company pays $14/hour to search engine evaluators. Lionbridge Jobs
  2. Appen: Appen is the best company to work as a search engine evaluator. This company mainly focuses on machine learning algorithms to improve it with real humans. They keep hiring for different positions like raters, microtasks, language enhancement, and other corporate jobs. You should go to the “find flexible jobs” section and check for “raters” job positions. They accept workers from all over the globe. According to Glassdoor, this company pays $15/hour to search engine evaluators. Appen Jobs
  3. RatersLab: Appen is the parent company of RatersLab. The application process, qualification test will be similar to the Appen. You can select your country in their job section and check for the search engine evaluator job. According to Glassdoor, this company pays $13/hour to search engine evaluators. RatersLabs Jobs

These websites are genuine and will pay you real money. But getting through the application and qualification process is slightly difficult. So, while filling up the application or taking the qualification test, be concentrated on questions and your answers. Don’t get distracted. 

Once you clear the qualification is clear, your door is open and you can start making money. I have read very fewer complaints about these websites. All complaints are about they are not paying for qualification tests and working hours are less like 15-20hrs a week.

But I don’t think these are serious complaints. No company will pay you for the application and test process. If you think that working hours are less then you make this as a side hustle income.

I hope this article about making money through the search engine evaluator job was helpful. If you’re facing any difficulties with any of these websites, kindly let us know in the comment section. If you like the article, kindly share it with your friends and family.

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